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Peshawar is the capital of Pakistani province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. This area originally belonged to Gandhara and the eastern Iranian tribes of Scythian origin and later became part of the Kushan Empire empire. Its total area is 2,257 km2 (871.4 sq mi). Its population is 3,055,254. It is one of the Oldest Living Cities in Asia.

There are many important and historical places in Peshawar some of them are Bala Hisar Fort, Burj Hari Singh, Tomb of Sheikh Imamuddin, Tomb of Rahman Baba, Tomb of Akhund Darweza, Tomb of Sheikh Sultan Baba, Mausoleum of Nawab Sayed Khan, Ziarat of Ashab Baba, Burj-e-Roshnai, Army Stadium, Bagh-e-Naraan, Cunningham Park/Jinnah Park, Wazir Bagh, Ali Mardan Khan Gardens, Shahi Bagh, Garrison Park, Tatara Park, Peshawar Museum, Agha Khan Museum etc.

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