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Sialkot is very important industrial city of Pakistan located in north east of Punjab. The history of Sialkot covers thousands of years. Sialkot has, since its foundation, changed hands from Hindu, Buddhist, Persian, Greek, Afghan, Turk, Sikh and British rule to that of present day Pakistan. Its total area is 3,016 km2 (1,164.5 sq mi) and its population is 0.5 Million.

Sialkot is the third largest economic hub in Punjab after Lahore and Faisalabad. It is famous for its high quality Sports goods like cricket balls, volleyballs, field hockey sticks, polo sticks, recreational fishing equipment, sports apparel and horse riding equipment and even the Scottish bagpipes and surgical instruments. It is also famous for its industries of Leather Tanneries, Leather Garments, Musical Instruments, Sportswear including Martial arts wear, Gloves, Badges, Seat and Walking Sticks, Cutlery, Hunting Knives, Air Guns, Shotguns, wooden and steel furniture, rubber products, cooking utensils, bicycles, their tyres and tubes and shoes.

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