Donald Trump Signs Orders of Foreigners Work Visa

The US president, Donald Trump signed the executive orders of ‘Buy America, Hire America’ and the federal agencies are asked to overhaul the visa program to bring the highly skilled workers in the country. The orders urge the authorities to take the action to crack down on fraud and abuse within the immigration system of America to protect the American workers.

The statement was issued from White House and it states that the program is affecting the daily life of US workers to bring cheap labor within the country from various countries like Pakistan. The American president said that they are sending the powerful indication to world that they will defend their labor, protect their jobs and put American first.

Now H-1B visas are given in the totally random lottery and it was wrong. They should be given the most skilled and highest paid applicants and they should never be used to replace the Americans.

The experts suggest that this order would not have any immediate effect and president cannot change the number of visas already issued. It can be seen as the move to build up support for legislative reform down the line, which is the concerning move.

H-1B Visas and Pakistan

The visas enable the companies to hire the workers from other countries for period of three years. The workers required to have the specialized knowledge and must have bachelor degree or higher in the particular field of engineering, science and information technology. Most of the workers are employed in Silicon Valley in the firms like Tata Infosys and it is pertinent to have highest percentage of the foreign employees.

Bloomberg shows the figure that the companies pay $65,000 to $75,000 a year to H-1B workers and Google and Microsoft have the average of $100,000 salary on the yearly basis. There are about 70% visas, which go to Indian workers in 2016 and Pakistan is at the 17th number with 601 H-1B visa applicants.

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