Illegally Living Pakistanis in Saudi Arabia Return Without Penalty

The Saudi Government and Pakistani consulate general in Jeddah have devised the new and latest amnesty scheme for the Pakistani people, who are living in Saudi Arabia without proper documentation and they can return to the homeland without any penalty.

The Consul General of Pakistan said that the consulate has made the necessary arrangements with Saudi government and he urged Pakistanis, who are living there without proper documentation in the Middle Eastern countries, and they can get benefit of this scheme and they can avail the amnesty scheme.

How to Avail Amnesty

Most of the Pakistanis living in Saudi Arabia without proper documents, they wish to call for their necessary assistance and they inquire about the help line numbers like 0126644240 and 0544726574 and the consulate set up the reception desk for this purpose.

Pakistanis, who wish to avail this scheme and they will have to fill the registration form and provide all necessary information, which are required. The registration forms are provided at the dedicated desk of Pakistan consulate located in Jeddah and they will also download these registration forms from official website of Consulate General of Pakistan.

Pakistani Expats in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the popular destination for most of the Pakistani workers and there are about 2.6 million expatriate Pakistanis living in Saudi Arabia and they reside there across the country. These expatriated Pakistanis contributed about $5.6 billion remittances to Pakistan during the year 2014-2015 and it is the 30% of total remittances, which is sent to Pakistan during that year.

There are number of Pakistanis, who are living in Saudi Arabia illegally and these illegal immigrants are deported from Saudi Arabia because of the violation of the work or resident rules. In the past four months from October 2016 to January 2017, there are 39,000 Pakistanis, who have been deported from Saudi Arabia due to non provision of legal documents to the authorities.

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