English to Urdu Mistranslation Translation by Google

Google Translation is a great invention of modern times that has almost eliminated the requirement of translators. Through this tool, you can translate in more than 100 languages but it also has few problems and shortcomings.

At few occasions, these flaws can make you feel very amusing. You can also hear the translation in Google Translate and these moments become more amusing as only the listener knows the joke and the speaker is unaware about any such condition.

At times, we see several such Google Translations humor on social media that makes it difficult for us to control our laughs.

Following are few of the Google Translation fails from English to Urdu (and Urdu to English).

1.      “Let us hang out”

Just translate this phrase in Google Translate and the translation will show a very dangerous and strange demand.

2.      Mota pait

It is part of a very famous Urdu rhyme in our childhood but Google has really changed its meaning completely.

3.      The Early Bird Gets The Worm

It seems, Google is really facing difficulty in translating proverbs like that.

4.      Khayali Plao

Google thinks that “pie” is the English word for plao.

5. Na Rahay Ga Baans, Na Bajay Gi Baansri

Someone is not there at the “bamboo flute”.

5.      A watched pot never boils

Almost impossible to understand

7. The movie sucked

That’s hilarious

8. Fan is Switched on

9. What does it even mean?

10. Killing the Rhymes

Recently, Google has introduced the feature of Neural Networks in Google Translate through which it can understand and translate whole sentences instead of words but this feature isn’t available in Urdu translation so far. After including for Urdu Translation, it will make it more accurate to translate these sentences well.

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