Czech Translation Services in Pakistan

Czeck translation Services

Czeck translation Services

We have been providing the translation services to the clients in almost all international and local languages for last many years. We offer the Czech translation services to our clients like document translation including police verification or police character certificate, educational certificates and the software translation. is the translation agency, which is located in Islamabad and it provides the translation services in Czech language meeting necessary requirements of concerned embassies. The clients can contact with us with confidence for the Czech translation of their legal, medical, technical, financial, educational and other localization. We have expert and experienced translators of Czech language and they are proficient in their translation work and their expertise has made us leading Czech translation service provider. To avoid repeated translation of your documents from other agencies and heavy expenses being incurred on the documents translation, you can contact with us as we deal in the Czech translation to the contentment of the clients.
Do not get translated your documents in Czech language from other agencies, which is waste of your time and money as we have enough experience and expertise to deal in Czech translation. We will provide Czech translation services at the customized rates and up to the satisfaction of our respected clients.

Bridges of Prague, Czech Republic

Bridges of Prague, Czech Republic

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Qatar First Gulf Country to Give Nationality to Foreigners

Qatar First Gulf Country to Give Nationality

Qatar First Gulf Country to Give Nationality

Qatar became the first gulf country, which is giving nationality to the foreigners. The head of the country, Sheikh Tameem Bin Hamad Al-Sani has issued the orders and it is said that the nationality will be given to 100 foreigners every year and they will enjoy the basic rights equal to the local people of Qatar.

The people, who have been living in Qatar for last 20 years, they will be eligible to get the nationality. The people, who born in Qatar and they have been living in Qatar for 10 years, they will also be eligible for grant of nationality.

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English Speakers to Learn Toughest Languages



It is not easy to become master in the foreign languages. The recent study shows that some languages might be difficult to learn. There are

  • some other languages like French or Spanish as they have some set of difficulties and the learning of these languages can involve the new set of vocabulary and grammar and it might see the challenges in some area for the native English speakers.

    The Foreign Service Institute (FSI) is the training institute of US government for the employees to deal with the foreign affairs. It has the responsibility to prepare the diplomats to move them forward in the foreign interests overseas. The responsibilities are also included with teaching of the foreign language to the members and FSI provides the courses in 70 different languages.

    FSI has developed the list of the languages and the study time, which is required to make the fluent in these languages and it arranged them to difficulty level of languages. They set up the different categories for each set of languages and they also published it on the Effective Language Learning.

    The category I is easy as it is added with such languages, which are closely related to the English language like French, Spanish, Italian etc. The languages of this category need about 23 to 24 weeks of study time.

    Category IV is little bit tough as it is added with the languages including Polish, Finnish and Russian and they take about 44 weeks to master in these language and Urdu is also included in this category.

    Category V is the hardest and the English speakers try to learn these languages including Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Korean and it take 88 weeks of study time. According to the list generated by FSI that it is not necessary that everyone would agree over the difficulty ranks, which are given to these languages. It depends on your tendency and ability to learn and you will to show your willingness, interest and the time, which you spend on these languages to learn them.

    You can view the categories of the languages, which are listed by FSI.

    Category I 23-24 Weeks (575-600 hours)

    Closely related to English

    • Afrikaans

    • Danish

    • Dutch

    • French

    • Italian

    • Norwegian

    • Portuguese

    • Romanian

    • Spanish

    • Swedish

    Category II: 30 Weeks (750 hours)

    Similar to English

    • German

    Category III: 36 Weeks (900 hours)

    Languages with a different linguistic style and different from English in terms of culture

    • Indonesian

    • Malaysian

    • Swahili

    Category IV: 44 Weeks (1100 hours)

    Languages with significant linguistic and/or cultural differences from English

    • Albanian

    • Amharic

    • Armenian

    • Azerbaijani

    • Bengali

    • Bosnian

    • Bulgarian

    • Burmese

    • Croatian

    • Czech

    • *Estonian

    • *Finnish

    • *Georgian

    • Greek

    • Hebrew

    • Hindi

    • *Hungarian

    • Icelandic

    • Khmer

    • Lao

    • Latvian

    • Lithuanian

    • Macedonian

    • *Mongolian

    • Nepali

    • Pashto

    • Persian (Dari, Farsi, Tajik)

    • Polish

    • Russian

    • Serbian

    • Sinhala

    • Slovak

    • Slovenian

    • Tagalog

    • *Thai

    • Turkish

    • Ukrainian

    • Urdu

    • Uzbek

    • *Vietnamese

    • Xhosa

    • Zulu

    Category V: 88 Weeks (2200 hours)

    Languages with a very high difficulty level for Native English speakers.

    • Arabic

    • Cantonese (Chinese)

    • Mandarin (Chinese)

    • *Japanese

    • Korean

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    HEC Facilitates Degree Attestation Rules

    HEC Degree Attestation Rules

    HEC Degree Attestation Rules

    Higher Education Commission (HEC) has changed the policy for degree attestation for the facility of the candidates. Now the applicants will not require to submit the information regarding previous or subsequent academic qualifications for the attestation of their degrees.

    HEC has issued the notification and the degree will be attested on its merit. The notification is added that the competent authority decided that every degree will be attested on its merits. The degrees, which will be issued by the recognized institutes and the institute has the legal authority to issue such degrees. The degrees, which are issued by the HEC recognized institutes in the subjects, they are authorized to offer the degree from authorized campuses / colleges to present the relevant programs, which can be verified, equated and attested.



    The degrees from the recognized institutions or from the unrecognized and unauthorized campuses or colleges and in the unauthorized subjects will not be equated, verified and attested. It is further added that all other codal formalities are to be adhered according to the prevailing SoPs for the processing cases of attestation or equivalence. It is issued by the approval of the competent authority.

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    China Revisits Visa Policy for Pakistan

    China Visa Policy

    China Visa Policy

    China has revisited the visa policy or the restrictions for the Pakistani citizens and this news has been revealed by the Chairman, Senate Standing Committee on the interior.

    The China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is under construction and China has to issue the visas to Pakistani citizens for the different purposes without any restriction. Pakistan is already issuing visas to Chinese nationals so that they can visit Pakistan easily and get complete their works in Pakistan.

    Visa Policy

    Visa Policy

    The chairman of the committee said that the visa issue was raised with the Chinese delegation recently visited Pakistan. On the request of the Pakistani officials, China agreed to relax the visa policy or restriction for the Pakistani business community and others. He also said that a letter has been written from the Chinese authorities in this regard. Now the directives have been issued to the respective departments to withdraw the permission, which was given to the foreign missions to send Pakistani passports for stamping visas.

    The committee expressed the concerns on the management of the black list while discussing the matters of the immigration and passport office. The chairman of the committee recommended that they are managing the exit control list and the current black list should not be used for the criminal cases as it pertains to the offices related to the passports. He further added that blacklist has no legal status and name of any person cannot be included on the desire or complaint of someone but on the court orders.

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    Changes in Emirates Visa Policy 10 Years Residential Visa

    Emirates changes Visa Policy

    Emirates changes Visa Policy

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates has announced the big changes in the visa policy and now the investors and professionals and their families will get the 10 years residential visa. The foreign ownership system of the companies in the country is also changed and we will get 100% help from the world investors. According to the details, UAE announced the 10 years residential visa for the investors and professionals and their families.

    UAE passport

    UAE passport

    According to WAM, the cabinet has announced the visa system to attain the capabilities in the national economy. In the new visa system, the investors and the workers will get the 10 years residential visa especially medical, scientific, research and technical feeder along with all of the scientists and the students studying in UAE and the inventors will get 10 years visa. The decision was approved in the cabinet meeting headed by the vice president of UAE, Prime Minister and the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Muhammad Bin Rashid Al Makhtoum. In the session, the deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister, Sheikh Saif Bin Zaid Al Neihan and other ministers were also present. The change in the foreign ownership system of the companies in the country was also announced according to which the 100% attainment can be taken from the Global investors at the end of the year.

    Sheikh Muhammad Bin Rashid Al Makhtoum instructed the minister of economy that the action on the resolution and its submission should be done in the third quarter of the current year. According to law, the foreigners will not get more than 49% from any UAE firm and it will be added in the special free zone.

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    Canada Fast Student / Business Visa

    Higher Commissioner of Pakistan to Canada, Mr Tariq Azeem hosted the dinner in the honor of the Canadian Minister of Immigration and Citizenship, Ahmed Hussen at Pakistan House located in Ottawa, Canada. The Pakistani commissioner discussed about the difficulties of the students and businessmen of Pakistan. The students apply for the student visa to get admission in different Canadian universities. The students have to face for long time and the process of visa is very slow and the students have to look for other countries to get admission in their universities.

    Pakistani high commissioner informed the Canadian minister that the Canadian government should relax for businessmen and traders so that both the countries can improve the trade. The business people want to contact and meet with their business counterparts in Canada and they apply for visa but lengthy process can cause delay in getting visa and the businessmen face problems to deal with their business issues. Pakistani commission requested with the honorable minister of Canada to settle these issues to get business and students within short possible time.

    The Canadian minister assured that the Canadian government is trying to reduce the cases of the rejected visas and they will try to speed up the visa process for Pakistani students and traders. He also assured the high commissioner that he would look into the matter personally during his visit to the processing centers. He also said that the process will be made to resolve the family reunion matters and he assured the high commissioner to support Pakistan students, who want to get education in Canada and the student visas will be issued at any early stage.

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    People Going To America Will Have an Interview

    Interview for amarica

    Interview for amarica

    All the passengers going to America have to give an interview before getting into the plane. All the airlines have been told to work according to the new security actions.

    According to the Khyber agency the new security action will be implemented on the passengers going to America from today, the emirates airline said for the passengers checking their interview will be taken at the check encounter.

    According to the new rules the passengers going to America have wait long on the airports. From the new restrictions the daily America going passengers that are round about 3 lac 25 thousand passengers are going to be affected.

    According to the American authorities the new rules are for making the obstructing terrorism action stricter.

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    Qatar Visa on Arrival

    Qatar Visa

    Qatar Visa

    Qatar has introduced the facility of visa on arrival for Pakistani passport holders and now it has introduced the visa free entry scheme for 80 nationalities. The detailed information is provided on the website of Qatar Airways. Now Pakistani national can get the return or onward ticket on the arrival for about 30 days stay.

    Now Pakistani nationals are eligible for the visa on arrival and their passport should be valid for minimum six months from the arrival date. Various neighboring countries like Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Egypt have impost boycott on Qatar since 5 June and they accused it of the fostering of the Islamist extremist groups and this country has close relationships with Iran but Doha has declined all these allegations.



    The four Gulf countries have closed their land and sea borders with Qatar and they have imposed sanctions of air traffic and economy. Qatar has total population of 2.4 million and 90% are the foreigners in which various people are hailed from the South Asian countries, who come there for working.

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    Pak Emergency Help Line Numbers



    The emergency help line numbers are provided in almost all of the countries of the world but they vary from country to country. The emergency help line numbers are comprised of three digits and everyone can remember them easily. The emergency help line numbers can help the citizens in any case of emergency or if anyone is in trouble and he needs help, so they can dial the emergency number according to their requirements and they can get help soon.

    Pakistan has also maintained some emergency numbers to provide help to its citizens during the emergency situations. The emergency calls can be dialed without any SIM card. There are most of the GSM phones, which accept the large list of the emergency numbers without provision of SIM card.

    Importance of Emergency Numbers

    The emergency numbers have great importance for the public in any country. These emergency numbers can help everyone in the emergencies. If someone meets with any accident, then he calls the ambulance service emergency number 115. They can dial the emergency number of ambulance and take the injured to hospital in order to save his life. To face any criminal activity, people can dial the emergency number 15 and they direct the call to the police station. In this way, the police is informed for the criminal act. If the fire is broken out at any place, then the emergency number for fire brigade center, which is 16 and it helps to call the fire brigade to put out the fire. It is necessary for every citizen of the country to remember all emergency numbers so that they can help the people and help them in the emergent situation.

    Pakistan Emergency Numbers

    Region Police Ambulance Rescue
    KPK 115 112 1122
    Sindh 115 112 1122
    Punjab 115 112 1122
    Balochistan 115 112 1122
    Islamabad 115 112 1122
    Azad Kashmir 115 112 1122
    Gilgit Baltistan 115 112 1122

    There are some other emergency numbers as the Punjab Highway patrol has the emergency number of 1124 and Islamabad capital police has the emergency number of 1915 and Sindh Non- emergency patrol request of 915. The users can also send the text message with the engine or chassis number to 8521 in order to verify legitimacy of the Islamabad registered vehicle.

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