Degree Attestation from HEC Islamabad

It is common requirement of the students to get attested their documents from the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, Islamabad who want to work abroad or making plan to work in other countries like UAE, Qatar, USA, Saudi Arabia, UK, Oman and Bahrain etc.

For example, if the applicant wants to join a company in Saudi Arabia, the employer will ask any question about the attestation of the degree from Saudi Embassy in Pakistan. The applicant has to get attested his degree by HEC and them by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Pakistan then they will apply for attestation of the documents by Saudi Embassy.

If the applicant is migrating from Pakistan to any other country and he wants to continue his studies there in the foreign college or university then the attestation of the degree and transcript is required for the admission purpose. The immigration authorities or the foreign universities require the attested copies of the degree and transcripts in the official sealed envelope from the HEC. The applicant should not worry as the process for the attestation of the documents is same as for the attested photocopies in the HEC sealed envelope.

Requirements for degree attestation from HEC Islamabad:

  1. Original Matric Certificate and Mark sheets
  2. Original Intermediate Certificate and Mark sheets
  3. Original Degree and Transcripts / Mark sheets
  4. Copy of CNIC / NICOP or Passport
  5. Printout of Online Application Form
  6. Photocopies of Degree and Transcripts / Mark sheets (required only if you also need attested photocopies or sealed envelope along-with attestation on originals)
  7. Authority Letter – duly attested by 17 grade government officer (required only if someone else is processing on your behalf)

Sample images of HEC attestation on degree and HEC sealed envelope:

HEC attestation on original degree

HEC Sealed Envelope

Step by step process for degree attestation from HEC Islamabad:

  1. Fill HEC Online Application Form – The applicant can visit the Degree Attestation System, which is present at official website of HEC and they fill in the online application forms carefully. If the applicant needs the attested photocopies of degree and transcripts or mark sheets with the attestation of the original document, then they select 1 photocopy of each original document in this form. They can select the desired appointment date and time to visit the HEC office.
  2. Visit HEC office in Islamabad on reserved date and time for submission of documents – On the reserved date and time, the applicant can visit the office of HEC Islamabad without any problem. If the applicant needs urgent attestation, they can visit the office of HEC on any working day before the reserved date. The applicant will have to wait in the long queue at the office of HEC early in the morning to get the token for that day to complete their work on the same day.
  3. Submit Document – when your turn will come, the HEC officer will check the compliance of your required documents. If he finds everything fine, then he will submit your documents. The applicants should ensure correction of your name on all certificates, degrees and mark sheets and CNIC to avoid any objection before going to the office of HEC Islamabad.
  4. Collection of Attested Documents – They will ask you to attend the office of HEC on the given time of same day to collect their attested documents. If you need the attested photocopies of the degree and transcript or mark sheets in HEC sealed envelope, then you can request with him at the office of HEC at the time of collection.

The applicants can visit the official website of HEC Islamabad to get the latest updates and information about the attestation process.

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