Transcripts in Sealed Envelope from NED University

The applicants can get the transcript in the sealed envelope from the NED University Karachi, which can be required, when the students can take action in local and foreign university or for their immigration and visa process and by the employer, where the applicant has applied for a job.

If the applicants need verification of the transcripts or degree from NED University of Engineering and Technology without sealed envelope, then this article will help them and

Requirements to get Transcripts in Sealed Envelope from NED University:

  1. Clear photocopy of original transcripts / degree for verification
  2. Application Form
  3. Bank Challan
  4. Delivery address (where sealed envelope will be dispatched)

Sample images of NED Verification Form and NED Fee Bank Challan:

Application Form for Verification and Sealed Envelope

NED Fee Bank Challan

Step by step process to get verified copies of Transcripts in Sealed Envelope from NED University:

  1. Visit Examination Department of NED University Karachi – The applicants should visit the exams department of NED University and and they can ask questions from the degree / mark sheet counter about their requirements and the fee, which they charge for verification of the transcript and cost of courier to dispatch the verified transcript in the sealed envelope to the local or the foreign company or the university, whichever they like.
  2. Application Form – The applicants can get the application forms from the examination department degree/mark sheet counter and they should fill their application forms for verification of the educational documents. They should fill in the application forms with the particulars, address and send the sealed envelope and the prescribed fee. They can also download the application forms from the website of the NED University.
  3. NED Fee Bank Challan – The applicants visit the National Bank NED University branch and they can get the challan forms from there. They need to fill in the bank challan form with the particulars and pay the prescribed fee. At the fee counter, the bank fee officer will sign and stamp on the bank challan and application form after receiving the verification fee. He will return one copy of bank challan duly signed and stamped and the application form with the stamps.
  4. Submit Application Form – After deposit of the bank challan fee, the applicant should go to same degree / mark sheet counter of Examination Department of NED University and they can submit their application form with original bank challan and photocopy of transcript.
  5. Completion – If the applicant pays urgent fee then this process will take approx. one week for completion. After one week, the applicant will receive the verified transcript in sealed envelope, which will be dispatched to address mentioned on application form. You can get tracking ID of courier service from same degree / mark sheet counter. If you like you can also get tracking ID by calling contact number of degree / mark sheet counter.

Note: The applicants can get more updates and information along with required details online from the Website of NED University to know about requirements, timings and fees etc or they can also call their helpline number for any inquiry.

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