Verification of Degree and Transcripts from Karachi University

If the applicants want to get admission in the foreign colleges or universities, then they can demand attestation of the degrees and transcripts from Karachi University so that they can get admission and continue their education. The companies can also demand the verification of the educational documents to appoint their employees for the jobs.

The employers in the foreign countries can also demand the verified copies of the degree and transcripts in the university envelope, which is duly sealed with official stamp of the university.

If you want to pursue your higher education in the foreign colleges and universities, you can provide verified copies of the degree and transcripts from the Controller of Examinations University of Karachi. They need to read this article carefully so that they can understand the requirements of the attestation and verification of their academic documents.

Required documents for verification of degree and transcripts from Karachi University:

  1. Clear photocopies of degree and transcripts / mark sheets
  2. Copy of Enrollment / Registration Card
  3. Complete name and address of university / college or your employer who requested verification of your degree and transcripts (required only if you need verified copies in university sealed envelope)
  4. Pay Order / Banker’s Cheque of prescribed fee in the name of “University of Karachi
  5. Bank Challan for Verification

Sample images of verified copy and sealed envelope:

Verification on copy of transcript

Official Sealed Envelope – Front side

Official Sealed Envelope – Back side

Step by step process to get verified copies of degree and transcripts from University of Karachi:

  1. Visit University of Karachi during timings 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM – The applicants need to prepare all required documents and then visit to the Verification Counter located at Silver Jubilee Gate of Karachi University and ask about required documents and official fee (in case there is any change in the requirements).
  2. Get Pay Order / Banker’s Cheque of prescribed verification fee from any bank in the name of “University of Karachi” – The applicants can get the pay order from banks located inside the university. As per our understanding official verification fee of UoK is Rs.300/- per copy. It means if the applicants likes to get verification of 1 copy of degree and 2 copies of its transcripts then total verification fee of 3 copies will be Rs.900/-. There is no additional fee if the applicant needs these verified copies in university sealed envelope.
  3. Fill in the Bank Challan for verification of degree and transcripts – The applicant can get the free fee challan form from the bank counters at Silver Jubilee Gate of Karachi University and pay the fee for the verification of degree and transcripts. The applicants need to fill this bank challan clearly and attach copies of all documents and original Pay Order.
  4. Submission – (1) Then the applicant need to go to the verification counter of the University and the concerned university person at this verification counter will emboss the stamp and sign on bank challan after checking the availability of all required documents. (2) Submit this stamped challan with required documents and original pay order at same counter of bank from where you initially obtained the bank challan. After submission they will give you a submission receipt.
  5. Completion – The verification process of the documents including degree or transcript can take 2-3 weeks for completion. After this period you can collect your verified copies or sealed envelope (whichever is your requirement) from same verification counter by showing the submission receipt.

Note: The applicants can get more updates and information at the official website of University of Karachi showing the requirements, timings and fee of the documents. The applicants can call on the helpline for making any inquiry.

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