Procedure to Get Pakistani Police Clearance Certificate

Police Clearance Certificate is an important document, which is issued by the concerned police authorities to the applicant showing any criminal record of the applicant, depicting either he is involved in any criminal case or not.

Why Police Clearance Certificate is needed?

Police clearance certificate is very important documents and it is needed for different purposes in different situation but it is also needed for the following reasons:

  1. By your employer if you are applying for a job
  2. For immigration process
  3. For visa process
  4. To get admission in foreign college or university
  5. For marriage in other countries

Requirements to get Police Clearance Certificate in Pakistan:

  1. Copy of applicant’s valid CNIC / NICOP
  2. Copy of applicant’s valid passport
  3. Copy of CNIC / NICOP from father
  4. Copy of CNIC / NICOP from mother
  5. Copy of CNIC / NICOP from husband (for married women only)
  6. Marriage Certificate (for married women only)
  7. Copy of any utility bill / residence proof of address
  8. Passport size photographs of applicant (with blue background)
  9. An affidavit (if applicant is out of country)
  10. Application Form

Sample image of Application Form:

Sample image of Police Clearance Certificate:

Step by step procedure:

  1. Where to Go – Mostly the Police Certificate is obtained from SSP or D.I.G Police Office of the city and if there is any other issuing office, then they guide the applicants accordingly.
  2. Application Form – The issuing office of Police will provide the application forms to fill and the applicant has to complete it accordingly.
  3. Fee – Most of the time, the police department does not charge any fee for the issue of the Police Character/ Clearance Certificate. If there is any fee for the police clearance certificate, then they will inform the applicants accordingly, which incurred on this process.
  4. Submission – The applicants should submit the application form with all required documents. If they need police verification from local police station, then they will guide you for this purpose.
  5. Completion – The police department does not mention the specific time period for completion of verification process of the character certificate. But the applicants should keep in mind about 7-12 days for completion of verification process. Police department will better inform you about the completion date and time.

Note: The applicants can get updates and accurate information by making call or visit local police department of their city.

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