Changes in Emirates Visa Policy 10 Years Residential Visa

Emirates changes Visa Policy

Emirates changes Visa Policy

Dubai, United Arab Emirates has announced the big changes in the visa policy and now the investors and professionals and their families will get the 10 years residential visa. The foreign ownership system of the companies in the country is also changed and we will get 100% help from the world investors. According to the details, UAE announced the 10 years residential visa for the investors and professionals and their families.

UAE passport

UAE passport

According to WAM, the cabinet has announced the visa system to attain the capabilities in the national economy. In the new visa system, the investors and the workers will get the 10 years residential visa especially medical, scientific, research and technical feeder along with all of the scientists and the students studying in UAE and the inventors will get 10 years visa. The decision was approved in the cabinet meeting headed by the vice president of UAE, Prime Minister and the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Muhammad Bin Rashid Al Makhtoum. In the session, the deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister, Sheikh Saif Bin Zaid Al Neihan and other ministers were also present. The change in the foreign ownership system of the companies in the country was also announced according to which the 100% attainment can be taken from the Global investors at the end of the year.

Sheikh Muhammad Bin Rashid Al Makhtoum instructed the minister of economy that the action on the resolution and its submission should be done in the third quarter of the current year. According to law, the foreigners will not get more than 49% from any UAE firm and it will be added in the special free zone.

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Canada Fast Student / Business Visa

Higher Commissioner of Pakistan to Canada, Mr Tariq Azeem hosted the dinner in the honor of the Canadian Minister of Immigration and Citizenship, Ahmed Hussen at Pakistan House located in Ottawa, Canada. The Pakistani commissioner discussed about the difficulties of the students and businessmen of Pakistan. The students apply for the student visa to get admission in different Canadian universities. The students have to face for long time and the process of visa is very slow and the students have to look for other countries to get admission in their universities.

Pakistani high commissioner informed the Canadian minister that the Canadian government should relax for businessmen and traders so that both the countries can improve the trade. The business people want to contact and meet with their business counterparts in Canada and they apply for visa but lengthy process can cause delay in getting visa and the businessmen face problems to deal with their business issues. Pakistani commission requested with the honorable minister of Canada to settle these issues to get business and students within short possible time.

The Canadian minister assured that the Canadian government is trying to reduce the cases of the rejected visas and they will try to speed up the visa process for Pakistani students and traders. He also assured the high commissioner that he would look into the matter personally during his visit to the processing centers. He also said that the process will be made to resolve the family reunion matters and he assured the high commissioner to support Pakistan students, who want to get education in Canada and the student visas will be issued at any early stage.

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People Going To America Will Have an Interview

Interview for amarica

Interview for amarica

All the passengers going to America have to give an interview before getting into the plane. All the airlines have been told to work according to the new security actions.

According to the Khyber agency the new security action will be implemented on the passengers going to America from today, the emirates airline said for the passengers checking their interview will be taken at the check encounter.

According to the new rules the passengers going to America have wait long on the airports. From the new restrictions the daily America going passengers that are round about 3 lac 25 thousand passengers are going to be affected.

According to the American authorities the new rules are for making the obstructing terrorism action stricter.

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Qatar Visa on Arrival

Qatar Visa

Qatar Visa

Qatar has introduced the facility of visa on arrival for Pakistani passport holders and now it has introduced the visa free entry scheme for 80 nationalities. The detailed information is provided on the website of Qatar Airways. Now Pakistani national can get the return or onward ticket on the arrival for about 30 days stay.

Now Pakistani nationals are eligible for the visa on arrival and their passport should be valid for minimum six months from the arrival date. Various neighboring countries like Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Egypt have impost boycott on Qatar since 5 June and they accused it of the fostering of the Islamist extremist groups and this country has close relationships with Iran but Doha has declined all these allegations.



The four Gulf countries have closed their land and sea borders with Qatar and they have imposed sanctions of air traffic and economy. Qatar has total population of 2.4 million and 90% are the foreigners in which various people are hailed from the South Asian countries, who come there for working.

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Pak Emergency Help Line Numbers



The emergency help line numbers are provided in almost all of the countries of the world but they vary from country to country. The emergency help line numbers are comprised of three digits and everyone can remember them easily. The emergency help line numbers can help the citizens in any case of emergency or if anyone is in trouble and he needs help, so they can dial the emergency number according to their requirements and they can get help soon.

Pakistan has also maintained some emergency numbers to provide help to its citizens during the emergency situations. The emergency calls can be dialed without any SIM card. There are most of the GSM phones, which accept the large list of the emergency numbers without provision of SIM card.

Importance of Emergency Numbers

The emergency numbers have great importance for the public in any country. These emergency numbers can help everyone in the emergencies. If someone meets with any accident, then he calls the ambulance service emergency number 115. They can dial the emergency number of ambulance and take the injured to hospital in order to save his life. To face any criminal activity, people can dial the emergency number 15 and they direct the call to the police station. In this way, the police is informed for the criminal act. If the fire is broken out at any place, then the emergency number for fire brigade center, which is 16 and it helps to call the fire brigade to put out the fire. It is necessary for every citizen of the country to remember all emergency numbers so that they can help the people and help them in the emergent situation.

Pakistan Emergency Numbers

Region Police Ambulance Rescue
KPK 115 112 1122
Sindh 115 112 1122
Punjab 115 112 1122
Balochistan 115 112 1122
Islamabad 115 112 1122
Azad Kashmir 115 112 1122
Gilgit Baltistan 115 112 1122

There are some other emergency numbers as the Punjab Highway patrol has the emergency number of 1124 and Islamabad capital police has the emergency number of 1915 and Sindh Non- emergency patrol request of 915. The users can also send the text message with the engine or chassis number to 8521 in order to verify legitimacy of the Islamabad registered vehicle.

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Countries That Offer Visa Free Entry to Pakistanis

VISA Free Countries for Pakistan

VISA Free Countries for Pakistan

A list of countries with most powerful passports has been released according to which Germany has 159 points and it is on the top while Sweden and Singapore are at 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

The list also shows performance of South Asian countries which shows that Indian passport is on top with 48 points and it is followed by Sri Lanka and Bangladesh with 38 and 37 points respectively while points of Pakistani passport is just 27.

Passport of Afghanistan is at bottom in the whole world with 24 points and the Pakistani passport is just above Afghanistan. But despite being at such a low position, there are few countries in the world that offer visa free entry to Pakistan or allow Pakistanis to attain their passports after entering their country. Following is the list of 27 these countries.

These countries allow Pakistanis visa-free entry:

1. Dominica

2. Haiti
3. Micronesia

4. St Vincent and the Grenadines

5. Trinidad and Tobago

6. Vanuatu

These countries allow Pakistanis to get visa upon arrival:

1. Cambodia

2. Cape Verde

3. Comoros

4. Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast)

5. Djibouti

6. Guinea-Bissau

7. Kenya

8. Madagascar

9. Maldives

10. Mauritania

11. Mozambique

12. Nepal

13. Nicaragua

14. Palau

15. Samoa

16. Seychelles

17. Tanzania

18. Timor-Leste

20. Togo

21. Tuvalu

22. Uganda
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172000 Pakistani Got Indian Visa in a Year

The Indian officials said that they gave Indian visa to about one lac and 72 thousands Pakistani people during the year 2014 and 2015.

Indian Minister of State for Interior informed the common house that there are about 48 thousand and 510 Pakistanis, who overstayed in India than the limit of their visas. There are about 20 thousand and 870 Bangladeshi people, who also overstayed in India. The minister of state also told that the Pakistanis, who got the visa in different categories from 01 January 2014 to 31 December 2015 and about 28% Pakistani people overstayed in India than the limit of their visa. He further told that they have deported total 12,299 Pakistanis and 8,388 Bangladeshi people.

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Illegally Living Pakistanis in Saudi Arabia Return Without Penalty

The Saudi Government and Pakistani consulate general in Jeddah have devised the new and latest amnesty scheme for the Pakistani people, who are living in Saudi Arabia without proper documentation and they can return to the homeland without any penalty.

The Consul General of Pakistan said that the consulate has made the necessary arrangements with Saudi government and he urged Pakistanis, who are living there without proper documentation in the Middle Eastern countries, and they can get benefit of this scheme and they can avail the amnesty scheme.

How to Avail Amnesty

Most of the Pakistanis living in Saudi Arabia without proper documents, they wish to call for their necessary assistance and they inquire about the help line numbers like 0126644240 and 0544726574 and the consulate set up the reception desk for this purpose.

Pakistanis, who wish to avail this scheme and they will have to fill the registration form and provide all necessary information, which are required. The registration forms are provided at the dedicated desk of Pakistan consulate located in Jeddah and they will also download these registration forms from official website of Consulate General of Pakistan.

Pakistani Expats in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the popular destination for most of the Pakistani workers and there are about 2.6 million expatriate Pakistanis living in Saudi Arabia and they reside there across the country. These expatriated Pakistanis contributed about $5.6 billion remittances to Pakistan during the year 2014-2015 and it is the 30% of total remittances, which is sent to Pakistan during that year.

There are number of Pakistanis, who are living in Saudi Arabia illegally and these illegal immigrants are deported from Saudi Arabia because of the violation of the work or resident rules. In the past four months from October 2016 to January 2017, there are 39,000 Pakistanis, who have been deported from Saudi Arabia due to non provision of legal documents to the authorities.

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Donald Trump Signs Orders of Foreigners Work Visa

The US president, Donald Trump signed the executive orders of ‘Buy America, Hire America’ and the federal agencies are asked to overhaul the visa program to bring the highly skilled workers in the country. The orders urge the authorities to take the action to crack down on fraud and abuse within the immigration system of America to protect the American workers.

The statement was issued from White House and it states that the program is affecting the daily life of US workers to bring cheap labor within the country from various countries like Pakistan. The American president said that they are sending the powerful indication to world that they will defend their labor, protect their jobs and put American first.

Now H-1B visas are given in the totally random lottery and it was wrong. They should be given the most skilled and highest paid applicants and they should never be used to replace the Americans.

The experts suggest that this order would not have any immediate effect and president cannot change the number of visas already issued. It can be seen as the move to build up support for legislative reform down the line, which is the concerning move.

H-1B Visas and Pakistan

The visas enable the companies to hire the workers from other countries for period of three years. The workers required to have the specialized knowledge and must have bachelor degree or higher in the particular field of engineering, science and information technology. Most of the workers are employed in Silicon Valley in the firms like Tata Infosys and it is pertinent to have highest percentage of the foreign employees.

Bloomberg shows the figure that the companies pay $65,000 to $75,000 a year to H-1B workers and Google and Microsoft have the average of $100,000 salary on the yearly basis. There are about 70% visas, which go to Indian workers in 2016 and Pakistan is at the 17th number with 601 H-1B visa applicants.

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English to Urdu Mistranslation Translation by Google

Google Translation is a great invention of modern times that has almost eliminated the requirement of translators. Through this tool, you can translate in more than 100 languages but it also has few problems and shortcomings.

At few occasions, these flaws can make you feel very amusing. You can also hear the translation in Google Translate and these moments become more amusing as only the listener knows the joke and the speaker is unaware about any such condition.

At times, we see several such Google Translations humor on social media that makes it difficult for us to control our laughs.

Following are few of the Google Translation fails from English to Urdu (and Urdu to English).

1.      “Let us hang out”

Just translate this phrase in Google Translate and the translation will show a very dangerous and strange demand.

2.      Mota pait

It is part of a very famous Urdu rhyme in our childhood but Google has really changed its meaning completely.

3.      The Early Bird Gets The Worm

It seems, Google is really facing difficulty in translating proverbs like that.

4.      Khayali Plao

Google thinks that “pie” is the English word for plao.

5. Na Rahay Ga Baans, Na Bajay Gi Baansri

Someone is not there at the “bamboo flute”.

5.      A watched pot never boils

Almost impossible to understand

7. The movie sucked

That’s hilarious

8. Fan is Switched on

9. What does it even mean?

10. Killing the Rhymes

Recently, Google has introduced the feature of Neural Networks in Google Translate through which it can understand and translate whole sentences instead of words but this feature isn’t available in Urdu translation so far. After including for Urdu Translation, it will make it more accurate to translate these sentences well.

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