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The emergency help line numbers are provided in almost all of the countries of the world but they vary from country to country. The emergency help line numbers are comprised of three digits and everyone can remember them easily. The emergency help line numbers can help the citizens in any case of emergency or if anyone is in trouble and he needs help, so they can dial the emergency number according to their requirements and they can get help soon.

Pakistan has also maintained some emergency numbers to provide help to its citizens during the emergency situations. The emergency calls can be dialed without any SIM card. There are most of the GSM phones, which accept the large list of the emergency numbers without provision of SIM card.

Importance of Emergency Numbers

The emergency numbers have great importance for the public in any country. These emergency numbers can help everyone in the emergencies. If someone meets with any accident, then he calls the ambulance service emergency number 115. They can dial the emergency number of ambulance and take the injured to hospital in order to save his life. To face any criminal activity, people can dial the emergency number 15 and they direct the call to the police station. In this way, the police is informed for the criminal act. If the fire is broken out at any place, then the emergency number for fire brigade center, which is 16 and it helps to call the fire brigade to put out the fire. It is necessary for every citizen of the country to remember all emergency numbers so that they can help the people and help them in the emergent situation.

Pakistan Emergency Numbers

Region Police Ambulance Rescue
KPK 115 112 1122
Sindh 115 112 1122
Punjab 115 112 1122
Balochistan 115 112 1122
Islamabad 115 112 1122
Azad Kashmir 115 112 1122
Gilgit Baltistan 115 112 1122

There are some other emergency numbers as the Punjab Highway patrol has the emergency number of 1124 and Islamabad capital police has the emergency number of 1915 and Sindh Non- emergency patrol request of 915. The users can also send the text message with the engine or chassis number to 8521 in order to verify legitimacy of the Islamabad registered vehicle.

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