Quality Transation Procedure

Transation requires stringent practices and procedures to follow to ensure the quality of the translation. It is quiet possible that client may not be 100% happy due to linguistic variation or personal preferences, but it can be covered by following quality management process in translation.

Translation material should be translated by most appropriate translator. Native translators should be chosen but other factors like translator’s background, skills, experience and living country also play very important role.

Translation should be as per client required tone, specification and according to target audience identified by client.

Editing should always be carried out by other independent translator to ensure impartiality.  This will ensure that the translation is accurate in terms of grammar, spelling, syntax. Which ensures that it is an accurate translation and as per client’s style and requirement.

Internal Checks
In third step, translation agency needs to keep in-house check of the final document. This step involved complete checking of translation document including figures, dates, times, numbers, missing section, images etc.

We do follow the above 3 phases to ensure the best translation services to our valuable clients and which ensures our clients natural, accurate and persuasive translation and provide them 100% satisfaction.

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