Canada Fast Student / Business Visa

Higher Commissioner of Pakistan to Canada, Mr Tariq Azeem hosted the dinner in the honor of the Canadian Minister of Immigration and Citizenship, Ahmed Hussen at Pakistan House located in Ottawa, Canada. The Pakistani commissioner discussed about the difficulties of the students and businessmen of Pakistan. The students apply for the student visa to get admission in different Canadian universities. The students have to face for long time and the process of visa is very slow and the students have to look for other countries to get admission in their universities.

Pakistani high commissioner informed the Canadian minister that the Canadian government should relax for businessmen and traders so that both the countries can improve the trade. The business people want to contact and meet with their business counterparts in Canada and they apply for visa but lengthy process can cause delay in getting visa and the businessmen face problems to deal with their business issues. Pakistani commission requested with the honorable minister of Canada to settle these issues to get business and students within short possible time.

The Canadian minister assured that the Canadian government is trying to reduce the cases of the rejected visas and they will try to speed up the visa process for Pakistani students and traders. He also assured the high commissioner that he would look into the matter personally during his visit to the processing centers. He also said that the process will be made to resolve the family reunion matters and he assured the high commissioner to support Pakistan students, who want to get education in Canada and the student visas will be issued at any early stage.

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