Translation Services for Government Departments

We have been working with various government departments for the translation service since long. The government departments have different kind of material for their staff and for the guidance of the customers or other related people. They use different language according to the area where they work. Police department deals with drivers and owners of the cars and it is their duty to give them awareness about traffic rules. Public relations departments need to guide their customers in order to make their working swift and convenient so they get translated their materials into the convenient language to guide their customers. Departments of Development authorities, banks, post offices, traffic, electric companies, sui gas offices, pass port offices, travel agents, Ministries, corporations, property dealers, Hajj and Umra Tour Operators, housing societies and the court related departments and lawyers get connected with us for translation of their documents in Urdu, Pashto, Persian, English, Punjabi, Dari, Balochi, Sindhi and various other languages or from these languages to others to provide convenience to the readers or meeting the demands of various departments. Please contact us for translation and we will serve in better and convenient way.

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